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More emo poetry.

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up do

More emo poetry.

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up do
Divine dichotomy.

In the recesses of my mind,
In times where I indulge maudlin thoughts,
There is a room where I am safe
To let my negativity run riot.

A space where I accept the darkness within.

In this recess in my mind,
I let all the darkness out.
Because it isn’t evil, or wrong
To accept the yin and yang in the universe.

There is no dichotomy of good and evil, only Qi and the opposites in flux which create it.

Accepting the darkness doesn’t make me sad,
Acknowledging I have fears does not make me afraid.
Knowing I can hurt does not mean I suffer.
Feeling overwhelming Love does not make me vulnerable.

I have the power to face my fears and in that power no-one can touch me.

For, as the divine is in me, I am divine.
As I walk between Love and Darkness,
I embrace all of my nature,
And that nature does not control me.

In accepting my nature I transcend into a more divine state.
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